Sunday, 28 August 2011


What does everyone think of my A B C Blocks? yey or nay?

I personally like them and at some point plan to develop some smaller name blocks that can be purchased for childrens rooms.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Blog Find

Suddenly remembered the other day that I was talking a lady who writes on this blog at New Designers in July. She took some photos of my work and asked if she could include me in her blog...I said yes and woop she did.

Only problem is that now it was so long ago that if you want to find me you have to scroll down about a third of the way down

But yey I'm on a blog :D

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mini Robot

Heres a new little critter I've been working on. Robot keyrings, eventually they'll be in all different colours and patterns. Not quite finished but not bad for a first attempt I thought. What does everyone else think?
Another thing I have finished and love is my own personalised ribbon. I use the same cutting machine as my robot design above, primarily a sign writer but its niffty and cuts out anything you like. I used my hipstamatic to create the image but I cant for the life of me figure out what settings I used so if anyone has a clue please leave a comment and let me know.


Now a little while ago while browsing the forums over in Folksy I came across this amazing idea thanks to SilverBirchCrafts

It's kind of an Italian job deal. The event held in October/November is when around 100 mini’s set out from their homes to drive to Imola in Italy, to start a 7 day of “Rallying” back to the UK, “stealing” wine on route! Here is the link to the website if you would like to find out more information
Each year they raise funds for children’s charities, and each team have to raise a minimum of £1,500 each time they take part.

I thought this was a brilliant idea and hopefully and 'easy' way to get my work/website seen by hundreds of people across europe without even trying. Below are some photos.

New to the family

Finally finished some robots and little bears to add to my growing little family of creations waiting to find new homes. 

I feel my photography skills need to improve...if only I had a space I could leave as a mini photography studio but alas my house does not accommodate for such needs. I mean just look at my embarrassingly cluttered space where all my materials and supplies are kept...cant believe I am actually posting this photo....
I swear after this blog updating lark I am going to sort it out it is getting ridiculous!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Love getting post

Over the past couple of days I had some very tiny packages with pretty labels in

And some very large heavy parcels what took over my whole room. This one had lots of flat packed boxes to package my bears when they find a new home.
All in all I think this was money well if anyone would like a bear.......

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Busy Bee

While I have been neglecting my blog I have started to get my behind in gear with other things.
Photos of my working progress of new robots. I love cutting up the foam, I have no idea why

Not sure why this photo is sidewards but I have no idea how to change it. The robot heads remind me of them beanbag toys you use to get which made a sound, Anyone know what I'm on about? 


So I've been pretty bad at blogging lately, but I promise this is all going to change. 

First of all I should have blogging and promoted a long time ago that I was taking part in the DMUnique Pop Up shop, but for some reason I didn't. If you don't know what its about here's a link. 

And also it was briefly covered on EastMidlands news, pretty cool really. Unfortunately you cant see my bears very well but keep an eye out for them hanging in the front window.