Monday, 26 July 2010

Work experience

Just returned from some fabulous work experience. I spent 2 weeks at Sumptuosity they welcomed me into their little hive of business and I tried my best to not slow them down. I think I succeeded in this...hopefully. And after a few days felt like I'd been there for ages. I only wish I could have stayed there longer. They've really helped me see how I need to improve in my machine embroidery skills and plan to spend the rest of the summer trying to do this within my drawing project for uni.

 Here is some of the embroidery I did while at the shop. hopefully they wont mine me putting it on here....I'll add there website link just in case.  you really should check it out, they make some amazing things...and would create anything else you can think of as a special treat.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Few more bits I've made. worked out today that if everything sells that I've made I'll have about £150-£160 which I don'y think is too shabby.

These are headbands, think their quite cute, look good on

Haven't done much with these yet, I could either amke a few more headbands or some badges.

These are sunglasses covers, I love the ones with designs on, I've tried to keep them summery and fun
Recieved my George gift voucher (£30) the other day and guess what....they offered me a work placement too was so happy, so i go there at the end of September, means I practically miss freshers week at University but hey ho it's an opportunity not to be missed