Friday, 11 November 2011

How does your garden grow?

Another little item I finished today. It's little things like stapling the canvas to the frame that gets me excited and why I love making. Cant wait to get some more canvas designs finished.

Christmas bunting

So with my stuff being sold in the new shop THEM in Leicester's St Martin SQ I decided to make some yummy christmas bunting that actually had Merry Christmas stitched onto it. Below are a few images of the process. This venture took an extrememly long time but I have to say the end result looks better than I expected. Anyone wanting one custom made just needs to get in touch but please bare in mind that the letters will now be printed onto the fabric to help keep costs down.
Letters reading for ironing onto the fabric and being cut out
 Lots and lots triangles waiting for their letters to be placed
 Everything ready for stitching down into place
 Finished yey! just a big mess of bunting to untangle and package
Ready and waiting to be taken to the shop, I will take photos of the one I have left to decorate my lovely house in nearer christmas.